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Our Mission

Impact Soccer Academy, founded in 2019 by Neal Dhillon and Shannon Brar, provides quality soccer training and development to children using an academy approach at an affordable price. Our diverse coaching team promotes participation in sports, offering athletic and leadership opportunities to help players reach their full potential. We aspire to be a nationally acknowledged academy, guiding young athletes from grassroots to premier competitive stages while being positive mentors on and off the field. Beyond soccer skills, we focus on instilling life skills, fostering self-confidence, and encouraging an active lifestyle within our community. Our commitment to community involvement includes collaborations with organizations like Seven Oaks Immigration Services and participation in Punjabi Community Sports & Culture Tournaments. Our objective is to create a welcoming environment with coaches from diverse backgrounds, ensuring children develop advanced soccer skills early. We aim to foster respect for soccer in Manitoba and cultivate interest across all age levels. In 2024, we achieved Quality Soccer Provider status from Canada Soccer, enhancing our growth and impact. By addressing barriers to sports participation, we strive to make soccer accessible and enjoyable for all children in our community.

our team

Neal Dhillon - Director

Shannon Brar - Director

Harman Brar - Director

Ranveer Bhandal - Head Coach

Colin Ordonez - Head Coach
Jonas Mulatu - Head Coach 

Jordan Young - Head Coach

Jadyn Friesen - Head Coach
Nathaniel Hernandez - Coach

Prabhjot Ghuman - Coach

Amarbir Dhillon - Coach 

Emreen Grewal - Coach 

Peyton Friesen - Coach

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