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Our Mission

Impact Soccer Academy was formed in 2019 by Neal Dhillon and Shannon Brar. Their goal was to provide quality training and development to children using the same teaching philosophies of the academy approach, but at a affordable price. Alongside their team of coaches (Ranveer Bhandal, Colin Ordenez, Marko Gospic, Jordan Young & Prabhjot Ghuman ) they set out to create an environment that promoted the benefits of participation in sports and recreation,had a ethnically diverse coaching staff and could provide athletic and leadership opportunities that would allow current and future players the opportunity to reach their full potential. 
With coaches from a wide variety of backgrounds, Filipino, Punjabi, Ukrainian, we can ensure your child will have a great experience and feel welcome.
Our program hopes to develop the different techniques, skills and understanding of the game of soccer that was attained by our coaches at the competitive levels we’ve played at, allowing our players to learn them early in life. By doing so our academy players will be better prepared for the future and have a greater range of soccer skills going forward in their soccer playing career. We hope to create a larger respect for the game of soccer in Manitoba, and cultivate interest in the sport at all ages levels.

Currently, Impact Soccer Academy operates in the northwestern region of Winnipeg, we host skills camps at various indoor and outdoor complexes in the area throughout the year to provide training no matter the season, rain or shine.

our team

Neal Dhillon - Director

Shannon Brar - Director

Harman Brar - Director

Colin Ordonez - Head Coach  

Jordan Young - Head Coach

Jonas Mulatu - Head Coach

Jadyn Friesen - Head Coach

Prabhjot Ghuman - Coach

Amarbir Dhillon - Coach 

Emreen Grewal - Coach 

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